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Stay up to date on Educated Zookeeper sponsored events, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals by becoming a member.

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Membership is not needed to use the photo galleries. 

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One year employed at a professional facility in good standing such as a zoological facility, natural resources, or fieldwork.

Must be recommended by a current Educated Zookeeper member.

The Educated Zookeeper reserves the right to deny membership.

The Educated Zookeeper reserves the right to remove a member at any time.

This is a club, not a business. All aid offered in the way of advice, input, and critique does not represent the Educated Zookeeper or it’s members. 

Go easy on us when there are technical difficulties, we are zookeepers volunteering our time and not webmasters. 

Want to volunteer to take a more active role in the Educated Zookeeper? Message Jess N. or Deb D. to find out how! 

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